Best running headphones 2023: sweatproof earbuds for exercise

You may be in search of the top running headphones, but what follows is a compilation of the finest headphones suitable for workouts, gym sports, and, of course, running. Ultimately, regardless of the type of exercise, the listening devices listed below will endure your most vigorous running sessions and sweat-inducing workouts.

The finest athletic headphones encompass all the necessary features: they are often resistant to rain and sweat, possess a long battery life, charge quickly, and provide a comfortable and secure fit. Moreover, most athletic headphones go above and beyond by offering active noise cancellation (ANC), personalized sound, a case that eliminates bacteria, solar charging capabilities, and much more.

No matter what activities you engage in, rest assured that these earbuds will provide the perfect soundtrack to accompany your journey towards fitness this year!


Wissonly Hi Runner 

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Wissonly bone conduction headphones insist on technology priority. The team is composed of senior experts in bone conduction technology, they have more than 10 years of technical accumulation in the field of bone conduction. This makes Hi Runner known as "the healthiest Bluetooth headphones" by many professionals.
In order to solve the problem of distortion of the sound quality of bone conduction headphones, Wissonly adopts the new generation of bone conduction technology, and use the world's best acoustic laboratory to customize an exclusive sound quality output scheme for the unique bone conduction sound transmission method. After 3,051 hours of tens of thousands of adjustments,  21 audiologists bring users the best sound in the field of bone conduction headphones.
In terms of wearing, Wissonly Hi runner has been ergonomically designed to fit the ear to ensure that it does not fall off during exercise. Most importantly, it fits the ear while ensuring that there is no pressure and weight load, which makes it more comfortable to wear.
In terms of product parameters, Wissonly Hi Runner is even more impeccable. It has a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which connects stably and will not drop. It has a 32G built-in storage that can store 5000 songs. Its battery life is also good, and at 50% volume, you can play music for up to 10 hours.


The Jaybird Vista 2 headphones are a real class act. They managed to improve on their predecessor, the excellent Jaybird Vista, by adding ambient sound mode (called SurroundSense) and improved audio performance without losing the buds' signature robust build quality. The Jaybird Vista 2 has an IP68 rating, so it should be able to withstand even the sweatiest of your workouts.

Battery life isn't bad at 6 hours – or 8 hours if you don't have noise-cancelling or SurroundSense on – and the battery case will top that up to a full 24 hours with judicious recharges. The Vista 2 also has a quick charge function; 5 minutes on the charger will replenish 1 hour of playtime. The Jaybird Vista 2 has excellent sound quality, and you can further customise the sound in the Jaybird App. Pro tip: if it feels like the Vista 2 buds aren't loud enough, it could be because the buds' volume is not connected to the Bluetooth volume. Pressing and holding the multifunctional button will increase the volume.


The Shokz OpenFit open-back headphones provide an intriguing listening experience. The open-back design allows for excellent ambient sound transparency, perfect for runners and cyclists who must be aware of their surroundings. However, the lack of noise isolation and sound leakage may be drawbacks for those seeking a personal listening environment. Overall, the Shokz OpenFit open-back headphones are recommended to active people who prefer to know what's happening around them and don't mind sacrificing some privacy or care much about noise isolation.


What makes true wireless headphones suitable for exercise?  They need to be water/sweatproof, must have a secure but comfortable fit and decent sound quality. The IP54-rated Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless ticks all the boxes and even offers some level of situational awareness, thanks to the 'open' and 'closed' ear adaptor system.

In fact, the Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless is this close [holds two fingers up very close to each other] to be the perfect headphones for running and workouts. Should it not be for the faff of having to change ear tips (and the bulky charging case), it might even reach the top of our running headphones guide.

The Adidas RPT-02 SOL delivers an experience you'd expect from similarly priced premium headphones: they sound good, have long battery life and have the perfect fit for workouts. The on-ear design provides excellent passive noise cancellation, maybe a bit too excellent for those who like to hear people and traffic around them. A small price to pay for better sound quality! Not to mention, you can always turn the volume down to hear your surrounding better.

The sporty fit is amazing for runs and workouts but not ideal for all-day wear, something you'll soon find out after putting the headphones on. People with glasses will feel the pressure even sooner, so if you're looking for cans to put in the office and hammer away on the keyboard all day, look elsewhere. As for light charging, you'll need a strong light source to activate the Powerfoyle cells, although it's not impossible to top the otherwise crazy-long battery life up using other light sources than the sun.
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